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Can acid reflux can cause back pain ?

The short answer is: Yes. Lower or middle back pain can be caused by heartburn or acid reflux especially chronic GERD.

Whenever I experienced heartburn the associated pain would radiate to my lower back but I never was quite sure whether my back went out due to a sudden movement I made or was it because of the food that I was eating at lunch?

People tend to feel a soreness in their spine especially after eating a large meal. Not sitting up straight while eating can worsen that so make sure your posture is correct and don’t hunch over.

Another trigger for back pain can be peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer is a sore in your stomach or the in the small intestines which can cause heartburn as well as radiation of pain to the back.

If you suffer from any type of indigestion including IBS then you may experience not only back pain but also pain between your shoulder blades.

Chest pain from acid reflux or acid content going up into the esophagus may radiate to your back between the shoulder blades as well as the lower back.

Upper back pain accompanied with symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, and burning sensation in the upper abdomen may be due to GERD. This pain may come and go depending on how well you control your acid reflux condition.

It’s always best to see your doctor if you heartburn or GERD trigger intense or increased back pain that is not responding well to pain relief medication.

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Jeff Martin is an unconventional blogger and an unorthodox medical researcher. He has battled with acid reflux for years. He has also created the Heartburn No More program.  

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