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Is milk good or bad for heartburn?

I used to drink a glass milk whenever I experienced that burning sensation in my chest.

Many people consider milk to be an antacid, a substance which neutralizes stomach acidity and is used to relieve heartburn, indigestion or an upset stomach but is there a truth to that?

First, what is the PH level of milk? because of its lactic acid it is acidic but not highly acidic like other foods. Closer to neutral, about 6.7. Neutral is 7.

All animal products including meat, chicken, eggs, fish as well as dairy products are acidic. Fruits and vegetables are mostly alkaline.

It is true that milk may act as a temporary buffer but the fat content may actually make your acid reflux condition worse. So if you must use milk for heartburn relief, choose low fat.

But you really don’t have to rely on milk for heartburn relief. Better to use other methods such as sipping on cold water or eating a cucumber which is highly alkaline.

Please remember that you must switch to a mostly alkaline diet if you want to decrease symptoms of acid reflux. A temporary relief is not enough. Always opt for eliminating the root cause of your condition.

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Jeff Martin is an unconventional blogger and an unorthodox medical researcher. He has battled with acid reflux for years. He has also created the Heartburn No More program.  

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